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M for Me ABC

Learn the ABCs in your own words

M for Me ABC makes learning the alphabet easy and fun.

Built in consultation with early learning professionals, M for Me ABC helps you teach your child the alphabet using words from their everyday life.

Learning a letter is hard work - there’s the name, uppercase and lowercase symbols as well as all the different sounds it makes. M for Me ABC helps children learn and retain this information in two steps: Creation (learning) and Play (repetition).


You and your child create personalised alphabets with your own voices and pictures. You can also create custom letter lists to practice specific words or letters. New lists can be created as the child’s vocabulary expands to keep them engaged and learning.


Use play mode to swipe through an alphabet or letter list - children love hearing their own voice! We’ve included an illustrated sample alphabet to get you going right away.

The goal of M for Me ABC is to develop children’s literacy and vocabulary through creativity. It was created for and with my own children, find out more about our story below.

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Voice Recording

Use your own or your child's voice.



Create words based on your childs interests.

The letter A

Sample Alphabet

Illustrated, pre-recorded sample alphabet to get you going. Simply record over and replace words as you go.

iPhone and iPad

iPhone and iPad

Universal app works on both iPhone and iPad.

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Unlimited Alphabets

Create as many alphabets as you like.

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Record and add words from any language with UTF-8 character support.

Our Story

A message from the developer

M for Me ABC started as a weekend project for my then three year old daughter. I wanted to show her that she could be a creator of apps, not just a consumer.

Together we decided on a word for each letter and recorded each word, it’s her voice you will hear in the sample alphabet.

We had so much interest from other parents, children and educators, we spent a long time extending the app so anyone could experience the joy of learning the alphabet with your own words, photos and voice.

I hope your children get as much out of this app as we have.

- Kate, Founder of Little Green Frogs


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